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Our methodology for design and technology management is based on common practices and experience

Process: how we do it

The Creativezones design process ensures that each stage is maintained. Clarity in project phasing ensures suppliers, associates, partners and clients understand what is being delivered.

We have a working process to ensure we meet the objectives of our clients. We have found through experience that involving the client throughout the design process is the key to a successful project.

Management of the process is key to a successful project delivered on time and to budget. Recognising when the wheel must be reinvented or selecting partners that excel within their chosen area of expertise is paramount to our success. Our years of operating within the industry has allowed us the wisdom to recognise we are only as good as our staff, partners and suppliers.  Our main drive is that the end solution fulfills all your expectations and least amount of time.

As our service package highlights, we'll wear the top hat so you don't have to.

Methodology: the way we do it

The Creativezones methodology ensures that each stage of the project is managed and can be signed off in stages using our Customer Relationship Management tool called CreativeHUB:

• Briefing
• Research
• Concept
• Design
• Production
• Handover