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D&TM Benefits

We guarantee and deliver what we say on time and to your service plan agreement.

Not worth the paper it's written on!

Not worth the paper it's written on!

The D&TM service package is designed for Office Managers, Marketing Managers, IT Managers, Finance Managers, New Business Managers – basically the stretched individual within most organisations who discovers they no longer just wear the hat they were employed to wear!

Top 10 benefits

1 A dedicated D&TM manager
2 A monthly roll-on notice period
3 D&TM plans are calculated to a flat studio rate
4 A longer notice period equals longer design hours for the same fee
5 Consultancy that supports your marketing goals
6 Select from a wide variety of  ‘Design Service' to use allocated hours
7 Cut overheads by switching to complementary ‘Support Services'
8 A 30-day credit account
9 One monthly invoice, one point of call
10 Wear only the hat that fits and allow us to wear the rest